Through the implementation of RESET, the partnership expects to contribute to increasing the resilience and attractiveness capacity as well as the efficiency level of the VET system in response to the COVID-19 emergency and in compliance with the European policy of digitization of the VET System. RESET will achieve this objective through the translation of the DigiCompEDU components, highlighted as critical for the teaching staff, tutors, coordinators in training pills and innovative, clear, easy-to-apply operational guidelines. RESET will also develop an innovative Multidimensional Matrix which, by combining the DigiCompEDU and DigCompOrg dimensions, makes them adaptable to diversified training contexts and organizational programs, supporting the VET digitalization or organizational process in a rational and exhaustive way.

RESET intends to

  • Improve the performance of teachers as developers and providers of effective and inclusive remote and blended training content
  • Raise the skills of tutors / coordinators and operational staff in the coordination and tutoring of training activities in online or blended inclusive mode, sustainable from a pedagogical and economic point of view
  • Raise the qualitative level of its IVET and CVET digital educational environments
  • Equip VET organizations to adequately support their users with innovative, effective, and captivating training solutions
  • Initiate/enhance the process of digitization, growth, and internationalization of the various partnerships
  • Acquire knowledge, practices, and experiences from other operational realities of the VET/education ecosystem of Europe