COVID has accelerated the digital transformation process of VET

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RESET Matrix builds on the operational results of the project and promotes...

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Many daily activities have suddenly been translated into a parallel digital world where it is possible to live thanks to the web: family relationships, work, purchases, even education and professional training.

The health emergency managed "in an instant" to convince everyone of the usefulness of technologies on educational processes. Now it is necessary to contain and value the difficulties that teachers, coordinators, tutors, students, parents have faced and are still facing today.

The Consortium brings together very experienced Partners from the world of VET, chamber of commerce, NGOs and a partner experienced in ICT designing and implementation.

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RESET: Identification of critical digital competence needs of VET providers

RESET aims at offering significative solutions for post-pandemic training for VET providers. The first part of the project included both collection of primary data from a survey to investigate digital competence needs of the VET providers as well as desk research of the partners. A questionnaire developed to uncover the digital competences of VET providers and the average time of daily activities related to online education revealed core competences and competence gaps. 1,016 questionnaires were sent out and a total of 308 respondents have answered - a response rate of 30%. The survey helped benchmark the digital skills in partner countries and has provided knowledge of lacking skills both across and within these countries. The survey has been supported by desk analysis in all partner countries: Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain and Europe. The online training during COVID-19 lockdown proved challenging for students and was particularly burdensome for teachers and staff involved in the management and delivery of VET. The desk research is based on collection and analysis of official documents issued at EU, national and local level regarding dynamics, needs and priorities related to digital skills for VET providers. The result is an identification of 10 critical competences need by VET providers, addressed by 10 training courses specifically designed to fill the identified gaps: Training title Digital marketing for VET provision Quality digital training for students with special needs Optimizing digital VET - digital tools and resources Analysis of digital resources and understanding of digital reliability Classroom management: keeping the audience involved within the virtual classroom Teamwork and collaborative digital classroom DigComp for educators and organizations: operational implications Budgeting and resource mobilisation for digital transformation of VET organisations Cybersecurity and data protection for vet operators Micro-Digital Credential for VET   The project partners are now developing training courses and operative tools aimed at the competences needs mentioned above to better support the VET providers in facing the digital transformation, using as a basis the DigCompEdu, the European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators. The 10 training courses and the operative tools are expected to be launched and tested in 2023.

Resources for post-pandemic Effective Training: RESET platform launched

The RESET platform, which offers information on project aims, activities and results, is now online ( The platform will contain all the project’s information, deliverables and outputs. RESET aims to bring resources that offer effective solutions in this post-pandemic scenario. Our syllabus, which is targeted at the VET sphere, will be developed in the form of 8 operational tools and the same number of training pills (mini-courses). This user-friendly Platform has been developed by the Spanish partner of the consortium, IWS (Internet Web Solutions), and will be constantly updated by the partnership as a whole during the project implementation. The platform is available in five languages (English, Spanish, German, Danish and Italian) and consists of the following sections, optimised for different devices and browsers: HOME: this section introduces users to the RESET platform, with a short text on the project background and also by highlighting:  Analysis Training and Toolkit Matrix   PROJECT: serves as a project manifesto, pointing out its main objectives while also adding information on background, mission statement and how RESET brings together a cross-border consortium with experience in the VET world to offer significant, digital solutions. PARTNERS: lists the Partners making up the project consortium. ANALYSIS: an analysis of how COVID has accelerated the digital transformation process of VET and operators (not just trainers). This section will display the results of the “mapping” activities of the digital skills of VET practitioners. TRAINING & TOOLS: includes a selection of operating tools and training pills in a free, multilingual modality. MATRIX: builds on the operational results of the project and promotes the transferability of RESET. The Matrix is enhanced by the EU framework DigCompOrg NEWS: to be up to date with RESET latest developments. ASSOCIATES: to involve as many Associated Partners as possible and spread the word about RESET to users, targets, general public and ultimate beneficiaries. RESET is managed by seven partners from five countries, i.e., Germany, Italy, Belgium, Denmark and Spain, and is co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission

RESET Project was launched with an online Kick-Off Meeting

On Wednesday the 23rd of February 2022, the Erasmus+ project RESET - Resources for Post-pandemic Effective Training – was launched with an online Kick-Off Meeting. The Consortium is composed of very experienced Partners: IAL FVG – Applicant (IT); EPIC European Platform for International Cohesion (IT); NLP Aalborg (DK); Aalborg Handelsskole (DK); IHKPROJEKTGESELLSCHAFT MBH (DE); IHF INSTITUT DE HAUTE FORMATION AUX POLITIQUES COMMUNAUTAIRES (BE); INTERNET WEB SOLUTIONS (ES). The Partnership met for the first time, and started the work that will lead to the creation of dedicated tools and trainings for the development of digital pedagogical skills and abilities of VET practitioners.  As highlighted in several reports, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift towards the digital transition, but at the same time the situation has stressed the gap of digital knowledge and abilities of VET teachers, trainers, coordinators and other staff. Starting from here, RESET will be devoted to the recognition and mapping of digital needs of VET practitioners, in order to create trainings and operational tools making use of the DigCompEdu, the European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators.  “To which extent am I able to identify, assess and select digital resources to support and enhance teaching and learning?”. This is just one of the questions that will be used to investigate, develop and implement RESET Project in a practical way, in order to responds to actual digital needs of the VET system.  To know more about digital competences, have a look at DigComp 2.1, the Digital Competence Framework for Citizens.

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