Training & Toolkit

RESET Trainings & Tools will form a VET practitioner toolkit that contains training pills (at least 8 mini-courses) and operational tools (at least 8 different types) available for free and in a multilingual version to implement Digital and Blended VET.

The definitive list of tools and courses will be defined based on the analysis yet at drafting phase partners have identified the following tools and courses:


  1. Digital marketing of the VET offer
  2. Effectiveness of online VET: choosing the right digital tools
  3. Digital Asset Analysis & understanding of digital reliability
  4. Classroom Management: Keep the audience engaged in the virtual classroom
  5. Teamwork and collaborative digital class
  6. Digital skills for teachers / tutors in basic non-formal VET
  7. Cost-effectiveness and budgeting for VET
  8. Understanding / evaluating digital assets

Operating Tools

  1. Self assessment tools for VET practitioners to evaluate their preparation in terms of digital knowledge and skills with respect to DigCompEdu skills selected .
  2. Matrix to classify different levels of effectiveness of digital proficiency
  3. Work plan model for designing at macro / micro level, managing and delivering training content online and evaluating their achievement online
  4. Checklist to plan digital educational sessions with all teaching team (tutors and coordinators)
  5. Guidelines for digital VET implementation