Cybersecurity Checklist

The online world has certain dangers that can compromise our security, so knowing how to avoid potential fraud, crime and scams is paramount. Cybersecurity consists of a set of practices to defend computer systems from cybercrime. It covers many areas: network and app security, data protection…

Here is a checklist to ensure your security in the online world. Please fill in the boxes as you have completed the attached tasks.

Is the software on your devices updated?
Is your antivirus installed and updated?
Are your accounts set up with two-step authentication?
Is automatic connection disabled on your devices?
Is your Wi-Fi connection set to WPA2 or WPA3?
Do you have an internal backup?
And an external backup?
Are your passwords safe?
Are you careful with strange messages and links?
Are you careful about what you publish?
Do you practice netiquette?