So many aspects of our daily lives, from relationships to leisure and work, are affected by the increasing use of digital technologies. The Covid-19 pandemic has emphasized this even more, and indeed has strongly driven an acceleration toward digital transition.

One of the various sectors that have had to deal with digitally driven changes is Vocational Education and Training. The sudden shift to online training has proven challenging for students and has been particularly burdensome for teachers and staff involved in the management and delivery of VET training. While the digital skills of VET professionals were already at a deficient level before the pandemic, with COVID-19 the digital challenge for VET has become even more urgent and evident.

RESET has been dedicated to recognizing and mapping the digital needs of VET professionals in order to create trainings and operational tools making use of DigCompEdu, the European framework on digital competencies of teachers and trainers. Therefore in the Operational Guidelines for VET Operators –the final result of the project– all RESET learning products are briefly presented and some instruction of use are introduced.

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