Micro-credential Checklist

The format of micro-credentials is fairly new to the world of education and especially to VET. Knowing what they are and what their potential for life-long learning is, is important to stay at the forefront of the development. Micro-credentials can be used for several learnings and courses, especially in a digital format.

Find out if micro-credentials are something for you to support and develop your virtual training. Here is a checklist to test if micro-credentials are worth a look for you. Please tick the boxes that apply to you. The more often you say yes, the more likely you would benefit from micro-credentials.

Are you offering additional courses complimenting VET degrees?
Do you like short courses with less bureaucratic burden?
Are you teaching in a mostly digital or hybrid format?
Would you like to award your learners with a qualified certificate for short courses?
Do you or do you want to combine learnings from several VET professions?
Do you like to be at the forefront of a new development?
Do you think storing certificates in a digital way is a good idea?
Do you feel like the existing VET degrees cannot fill recent skills gaps?
Is internationally recognised learning a topic of interest for you?
Does the EU’s target for 2030 of 60% of yearly training for adults matter to you?
Are you ready to set up an entirely new form of certifications?