Making digital education approachable: Matrix, Training and Tools explained in the Operational Guidelines of the RESET project results

The RESET project announces the publication of its operational guidelines for Vocational Education and Training (VET) operators. Titled "Operational Guidelines for VET Operators," the document presents all RESET learning products and provides instructions for their use. In response to the increasing use of digital technologies in education, exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, the project aimed to address the digital needs of VET professionals. The guidelines are designed to assist VET operators in navigating the digital transition and improving their digital competencies in line with the European framework on digital competencies of teachers and trainers (DigCompEdu). The publication of these guidelines is a significant step towards supporting VET professionals in adapting to the digital shift and enhancing the quality of VET training. For more information and to download the Operational Guidelines, please visit the project's website at

The two-year project was based on recent developments in education and its digitalisation. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to digital learning all over Europe. While some trainers adapted to this easier than others, it was still a big shift for all of them. To support this endeavour and to place the further digital trainings on stable ground, the RESET Project has developed a wide set of trainings and tools. This is accessible to people all over Europe, as it was developed within an international Erasmus+ consortium with seven partners from five different countries. The trainings and tools are directed to the VET Operators and aim at fostering their digital competences and abilities, and they are available on the RESET Platform.

The last effort before finalising the project was the production of the RESET Operational Guidelines for VET Operators, which serve as practical how-to guide on the use of the RESET products.


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